Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And Then There Were 8

With the MLB playoffs starting today, Gus Johnson's Whisper takes a hard look at the remaining teams.  And by hard look, we mean compares them to movie stars.

The Milwaukee Brewers - Mil-e-walk-ay is Algonquin for CC Sabathia and pray for rain.  With a horrible bullpen, an offense filled with strikeout machines and low OBPs, and a bunch of guys you would never draft in your fantasy league, the Brew Crew will be sipping beer... not in celebration but on the golf course.  The star they resemble?

Ari Gold said it best on Entourage: 'He has the perception that he is a movie star.'  His movies don't do well and neither did the Brewers down the stretch.  Somebody had to get in.

Philadelphia Phillies - What's not to love about this team?  I'll tell you.  Philly.  OK, besides that.  They have some guys you can pitch to who will strike out and after Hamels, none of their starters really strike fear in the hearts of hitters.  That said, give them a lead and their bullpen is lights out.   In other words, they are capable but not everyone's 1st choice.

I don't know much, but I do know that Will H is never the 1st guy you think of for good actors.  But he's around.  Lurking like... like... a mustache.

Chicago Cubs -I love bandwagons!  They're good on paper but so is a movie with Pacino/De Niro.  They're hot right now... Cubs, hot right now.  The question is, do they have the staying power.

1st, GJW is in a relationship, so we have no comment about this young lady.  We simply ask if she has the staying power.  Time will tell.

Los Angeles Dodgers - This Manny for MVP talk has GOT to stop.  It's wrong.  He helped a bad team win a worse division.  This is a horrible trend in MVP voting.  Guys who help teams get to the playoffs.  Sometimes teams are horrendous and they end up being competitive because of 1 guy... who is the best player in the league.  So congrats Albert Pujols, you're the Gus Johnson's Whisper MVP.  That and a bus pass will get you on a bus.  Oh yeah, the celebrity.

Who is this guy?  No one knows.  That's the point, the Dodgers are not a real playoff team.  Now watch this guy win the World Series.

AL Teams to come.

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