Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why Fantasy Football Sucks Unless You Are Winning

Welcome all.  This is the maiden voyage of what I believe will become one of the top 204 sports related blogs in the world.  Click on my ads.  Onto the beef:

I play fantasy sports.  It's awesome.  Nothing like being able to walk into a room and call everyone a name because they are inferior to you.  I just won my 2nd straight baseball title.  I won it because I know more about baseball than anyone else in the league.  I have finished top 3 in all my fantasy nba leagues over the past 3 years.  It's because I know more about the NBA than the other guys.  Well when it comes to fantasy football...uh....&*#$T*&#*(^%#@&#&^$%!!!

There are so few games, it's next to impossible to pick up real statistical trends.  I am in 3 football leagues (down from 5 last year).  I never win fantasy football.  Know why I lost this week?  Reggie Bush totaled 48 yards against the 49ers.  Every expert had this as the best matchup of the week for any running back.  48 yards!  My opponent started Laverneus 'Flat Screen' Coles (if you don't know the flat screen story, ask.  It's hysterical).  It was a mistake.  He meant to switch his lineup and put in a different guy.  Coles goes for 3 touchdowns against the Arizona State defense and I lose.

How could anyone in the world predict that?  Well, I guess you could if you just randomly predicted outcomes.  Eventually, you'll get something right.  This week, I predict that Le'Ron McClain dominates the Titans with 7 carries for 16 yards.  

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