Wednesday, February 11, 2009

If If If.. You Had A QB... That You...Needed to Win You A Game... That QB... Would Be Brett Favre

The Favre is gone, baby.  He told the Jets he's retiring.  He's told people a lot of things.  Maybe he'll get the itch again and ruin another team.

Here's a good rundown of just some of the damage he did to the Jets:

When the Jets got off to a hot start, all the Favre apologists and tv talking heads like Skip Bayless, 

were busy running Green Bay under the bus and praising Favre as a godsend for the Jets.  Nevermind that the Jets were all of a sudden able to stop the run with a healthy Kris Jenkins and an improved defense that was a laughing stock the year before and the addition of quality, veteran offensive lineman allowed them to run the ball effectively.  I'm certain Thomas Jones has always been that good and was just biding his time before really applying himself.  A$$.

It is stunning to GJW how few people get it when it comes to certain guys.  If the squad you root for had a 2nd year guy who decided he wasn't going to do the off-season workouts, show up for team activities, but would make himself available for quotes from the press about the things he needs to come back and play for your team.  You'd be pissed right?

When you are a professional, you have to act professionally.  That's it.  The 'will he/won't he?' dance that this ego maniac has done for the last 4 off-seasons is stunning.  The running teammates under the bus, the astounding demands from management based on his perceived iconic status, and the poor play as a direct result of a lack of preparation and commitment area all enough for us to wish good riddance to favre, brett.

We must never forget the back-breaking interceptions that led to defeats.  52 other men worked too hard to have their fates decided by a 'gunslinger' trying to make a hero play.  Never forget, we live in a world where Eli 'Back-Foot-Under-Pressure-Throw-It-Up-And-Hope-The 6'5" Gazelle-Who-Shot-Himself-Will-Catch-It' Manning has a Superbowl win.  It's because of Favre.  

Players have to be accountable to their teammates.  Favre, Brett has not been accountable for some time.  This is not debatable.  If you believe otherwise, you can form your squad with the Pacmans and the TOs and let all of us 'haters' explain to you why your squad self-destructs.

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